Here at liftoff we will be providing you the customers by online marketing which will be helping you discovering, engaging and retaining the customers for getting more and more installations we need to do this so here app marketing is done by the points given below

Engaging the target audience

Here at Liftoff we will be targeting the audience which we will observe have interest over millions of the mobile profiles and we approach to the most engage audience for the same, we basically building up of the audience and identify the demographics and the interest of the users which are most active so that we will be getting more and more target audience after this we will be targeting them via our app ecosystem.

And app marketing for the targeting the audience will be beneficial or existing as well as for the new launched app. Liftoff has the user data store with the buying intelligence, here we have the database with more than 200 unique characteristics which includes gender,age,location,responses to the ad and many more

 Personalization of the ad dynamically

For the making the ad dynamic the mobile app requires the perfect designing as per the audiences choices and also this is has to be compatible with the different OS and different screen size and basically the Liftoff automates the ad which will be generating according to the various ads which is being in the real time. Because of making the ad dynamic it reduces the design time have the high performing templates high optimization and many more.

 Buying the CPA

At Liftoff we are giving the CPA cost per action so that user will know the consequences at time of action itself this is an online advertising model in which price will be as per the action

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