Fulfill all your communication needs by using SmarterMail

In this world of technology, the business also runs from the digital market. Many businessmen have been successful and have earned a lot of money by marketing their products online. The digital marketers do a lot of stuff online and they even send a lot of money to promote their products online.

One of the renounced method used by the digital marketers are emails. You can use SmarterMail to fulfill your business need by using a full-featured web hosting service. Large mailbox, mobile access, team collaboration enterprise e-mail platform. Improve personal work efficiency. Boost team synergy effects. You can use SmarterMail and Email Hosting which suits your business plan

You can access to the webmail and respond to the messages from anywhere and at any time. The smarter mail is compatible with any devices that you have. You can access it from the mobile, desktop, IOS and android devices. It even gives you the access to your email, personal calendar and personal address book. You can even share the address book, calendar, task and create meeting requests with your team easily.

The SmartMail has the in-built anti-virus, anti-spam, DKIM SPF, SSL/TLS encrypted connections. These securities also reduce the internet threads and reduce the risk of loss of data.

The SmartMail web interface also gives you the freedom to send and receive mails in the interface you are in. If you are not much impressed by the system like webmail then you can have used POP, IMAP, CalDAV and CardDAV for your business by synchronization different devices into it.

The SmartMail is gives to access to webmail and it extremely easy to use. It also has multilingual function. It also has full text index search and the multiple identity also serves your business the best.

The Email Hosting also helps file storage for the mails. You can even share your attachments using Google Drive, drop box by using time-limited link.

You can even monitor all the mails. It helps you to keep a track of all the incoming and outgoing mails. There is also the support of automated email management. You can also create custom handling rules. You can even create custom email rule for email hosting which support SPF and DKIM

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