Reasons Why Should Consider Having CSS Codes in Your Website

CSS or Cascading Style Sheets is basically a coding language that permits the web developers to attach designs and styles, like color, background, layout, margins, and various other things to an HTML page. These are similar to the website templates that permit the web developers to label styles for HTML elements and then apply it to all the webpages of the website.

There are many benefits of using CSS in your website, and one of them is, it makes your website SEO friendly. Generally, the search engines find it difficult to scan through a huge bundle of HTML codes to get the indexed codes. This is why having Cascading Style Sheets can act as a boon, as the HTML code will be clean and will be able to create better search engine results.

With some idea about the Cascading Style Sheets, you can easily change your website’s code without destroying its visual characteristics. There have been many instances where tweaking a website’s CSS  has helped websites to get more online traffic and attain higher rankings in various search engines when compared to the normal HTML coded websites.

The other reason why the websites having Cascading Style Sheets are ranked higher than the normal HTML websites is the code over text ratio of a website. Websites that weigh low on codes or those who have fewer codes than texts are easy to understand for the search engines. This is why the websites having Cascading Style Sheets are placed high up in the search engines.

Here are some of the other reason why having CSS in your website’s code has a good impact on your SEO techniques:

Website accessibility

Having Cascading Style Sheets in your website ensures that your website becomes more accessible. In today’s world, the penetration of mobile and small devices is increasing, which makes it important for your website to be able to open in all the platforms. Cascading Style Sheets can help you do so by allowing you to design your website for mobile or hand-held devices.

The download speed of your website increases

The Cascading Style Sheets codes are faster than the tables that are used in the HTML codes. Browsers generally read the tables twice before displaying them, once to check the structure and the other time to see the content placed in them. This makes the process slow, whereas in the case of Cascading Style Sheets codes the whole website is rendered at once and the website opens in no time.

Compatibility in all the browsers

The Cascading Style Sheets make the websites load much faster and also ensure that the website runs in all the browser platforms available, like Firefox, Google Chrome, Netscape, and various others. This makes using CSS in your website even more important.

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