Three Tips In Planning Your Social Listening Strategy

Get these tips in making an effective social listening strategy.

An effective and efficient Social Real-Time Listening – social real-time listening – strategy provides several benefits. These include refining customer demographics, identifying influencers and thought leaders, and engaging in meaningful ways with target audiences, among others.

Of course, this presupposes that you have an effective and efficient social listening strategy. This will likely require the knowledge and skills of professionals although DIY plans can also work. Here then are three tips that the professionals use in formulating the social monitoring and listening strategies for their clients.

#1 Determine Your Goal

You must first state your goal for social monitoring and listening in clear terms. Your goal will be your guide in fleshing out the details of your strategy from the techniques to the target audience. You can determine the required resources, timeframe, and desired results with a goal in mind, too.

The steps in achieving your goal will vary. For example, in a thought leadership goal, you have to identify influencers with a deep knowledge and strong passion for your cause.

#2 Identify Your Tools

You must choose the best tools in your Social Real-Time Listening strategy. Otherwise, your strategy will not work in the virtual world.

Here are a few tips in choosing your social listening tools:

  • Explore the features and functions of all the individual social networks
  • Get a good understanding of the dynamics of these networks, such as the way, rhythms and slang of interactions between users
  • Focus on the networks that are relevant to your business

You should also use general tools in social search in researching and identifying terms of possible interest. A few examples include Twazzup, Social Mention, and FollowerWonk.

#3 Create a Listening Process

You will likely find the creation of a listening process more challenging. You don’t have to worry about it, fortunately, as the professionals can do the job.

A few tips in establishing your Social Real-Time Listening process, nonetheless:

  • Determine the best search terms
  • Conduct general searches in identifying thought leaders and influencers
  • Use relevant hashtags
  • Monitor your customers, both present and prospective
  • Make a schedule for monitoring, interacting and sharing with your old and new followers

Your social media listening strategy will also be better when you can establish relevant online conversations. You can do so in two ways, namely:

  • Find out where your target audience hang out online. Keep in mind that your target audience isn’t just your customers – it can also include all the stakeholders in your business. These can include your suppliers, influencers, and fans as well as competitors.
  • Find out the conversation terms that will engage your target audience. You will be able to shut out the noise from the insights in this manner.

With a professionally-made social listening strategy, you will soon engage your stakeholders in more meaningful ways. Your bottom line goal: To increase your presence and profits.

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