Three Top Social Marketing Platforms

Many businesses and companies are now turning to digital marketing strategies in order to build their brand and boost sales. But what are some of the most popular strategies? Search engine optimisation, pay per click and social media marketing. Social media marketing is one the most effective ways of marketing due to the amount of people who are now on social media.

There are a variety of platforms which people choose to market on, these include: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube. It is so important to use social media platforms for generating business. In this blog we will detail the top threeplatforms to use and why.


Twitter for business is normally used as another form of customer service, this is because it is easy to interact with tweeting people about any concerns or reviews. Not only does this show that you care about your business but also that you will generate leads over time. Adding to this, Twitter is incredibly popular due to you being able to see what the trending news is, this means that you’re able to get your brand out there by tweeting about the same things, and also will be able to follow trends related to your business, therefore can use the platform to watch your competitors closely.


Creating a Facebook business page is one of the most important things when it comes to generating business, why is this? Well Facebook has over 1.19 billion users and is one of the best social platforms for generating leads, this is because you’re able to target your posts at people based on their interests, geographical location, age and gender. Not only this but you can generate leads organically and paid and you’re able to see which posts are doing well, due to the insights provided. When it comes to posting on Facebook we always advise businesses to posts three to four times a week, this is because you don’t want to spam people on their feed which could equally put them off your business. Not only this but we advise people to use visuals as these work the best, for example videos and pictures. This can be related to your business or not. To get help from social gurus, visit:


LinkedIn isn’t just a great platform for generating leads for your business but Is also one of the best platforms to do build yourself professionally. This is because you’re able to make your own professional page where you can detail you past working history, interests, skills and more – a great platform for finding possible employees. However, why is LinkedIn so great for a company? LinkedIn is normally used by B2B businesses, as they normally do the best however, any business can go onto LinkedIn and reap the benefits. With LinkedIn it makes it incredibly easy to share your content, blogs, upcoming events or products/services with likeminded people. Not only this but it is also a great way to watch and see what your competitors are doing, therefore can keep on track.

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