Top 100 websites vs Top 100 apps

Recently did a survey on 100 websites and 100 mobile phones application. It compares the mobile apps and websites to check and find out the difference in vendor choices between traditional websites and modern mobile space.

The survey showed Akamai as the leading in the market with 35% share whereas Fastly, Verizon and Amazon CloudFront combined could own the equal portion. This data will change very soon as most of the people choose to go with Akamai.

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Moving to the top 100 application for mobile. Although the evolution of mobile application has not taken long in the market people rely more on mobile application over the desktop. The most renounced application on the web is Uber, snap chat, Instagram and Netflix.

The Amazon CloudFront is taking over the market with over 40% of the market share, Akamai is the second one with 14%, Verizon is the third with 11% and Google’s CDN has market share of 8.1%.

 Hence the Cloudfront is the fastest and cheapest option and it taking over the market at a very fast pace. The CloudFront provides the services like EC2, elastic cache and S3.  It also provides AWS service. The Amazon also prohibits to transfer data from S3 to other CDNs and this could be the reason for Google CDN trying to develop CDNs like the Akamai and Verizon.

The traditional Content delivery networks (CDNs) which do not offer the full package of cloud services to cater to developers and small business startup might feel the trouble.  Since all the new companies related to technology puts cloud first as their infrastructure strategy. The great companies like Amazon, Google and Microsoft are going to take more over the market by the help of their winning business early. They bring everything first in the market. Their early start up costumers in the market requires massive DNS needs.


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