Why You Must Hire a PPC Agency

If you have been contemplating PPC for your business, my best piece of advice would be to not do it yourself. No I’m not trying to sell a PPC agency to you; I am just looking out for you and trying to stop people from wasting money. There are PPC agencies and experts available for a reason; this is because it is not as easy as many people originally think. To see how PPC agencies help people visit

http://www.seolancashire.co.uk/ppc-management.htm, or alternatively keep on reading for the top reasons why hiring a PPC agency is important.

Why you need to employ a PPC agency

  • PPC is not something that you can learn overnight. While Google strives to make their products and services easy for all to use, the Google AdWords platform is incredibly complex with much to consider, including but by no means limited to keyword match types, bid adjustments, location extensions and site links. PPC experts take a number of Google Exams to become qualified, and although it is possible for anyone to take these exams, taking the exams is not enough, PPC professionals typically have years’ experience in creating and running successful campaigns, knowing what works and what doesn’t work as well as it may be supposed to.
  • To set up the most successful AdWords campaigns professional use so much more than the Google AdWords platform. It is possible to use the Google AdWords free tools such as the AdWords Keyword Planner; however paid tools in which companies use for all of their clients are much better at providing accurate results. If choosing to do PPC yourself, you could of course pay for as many tools as you wanted to, but you would be spending extra money, wasting more time, not to mention the fact that you wouldn’t really know what you were doing.

  • Keywords used must be right, otherwise you face losing money. You will no doubt know vaguely what keywords that you should use, but you need to put yourself in the users position and know what they are going to search for, including plurals, misspells and abbreviations. PPC experts have lots of experience in putting together the greatest keyword lists and will definitely be able to help you.
  • PPC campaigns aren’t all about the set-up; they take a lot of work to maintain. PPC professionals are able to quickly determine what is and isn’t working and make changed to improve campaigns, ensuring minimal money is lost. Not only this but, PPC experts constantly stay up-to-date with all of the Google AdWords changes and other aspects that may influence PPC, allowing for them to make strategic changes when needed.
  • PPC companies will send you detailed reports about your campaign, breaking it down for you so that you understand what has happened since your last report. They will be able to tell you a range of things from these reports, such as why people may be leaving your site and changed that you may need to make to your website.

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